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Since its inception, ICE’s officers, Executive Director, and members of its Board of Directors have sat with officers of the BAC on the boards of the International Health and Pension Funds and the International Masonry Institute (IMI), as well as served on industry-wide joint committees.


In addition to making appointments, ICE has had a role in the development and administration of many of the national and international agreements with the BAC, including the Special International Masonry Industry Agreement (also known as the ICE Agreement) and the National Refractory Agreement, which have been effective means for our contractors to operate outside of local areas where they are currently signatory to a local BAC agreement. ICE’s CEO also serves as management-side representative on the IMI Dispute Settlement Plan.


ICE is recognized as an integral part of labor/management efforts in the unionized masonry industry.  In 1998, the BAC Executive Council passed a resolution recognizing ICE as effective partners, supporting the development of ICE chapters, and urging all BAC Locals and affiliates to “be prepared to work with signatory contractors and ICE to make such new institutions successful and effective.”


ICE has been instrumental in the establishment of the Joint Refractory Industry Committee with the BAC to identify and address important issues in the refractory sector of our industry.  ICE staff, board members and affiliates have been working with union representatives on an increasing number of BAC, Building Trades and joint task forces and committees to address the industry’s most critical needs, covering important subjects like Skills Shortages, Health and Safety, Reciprocity of Benefits and Apprenticeship and Training.  A broader part of its membership has been given the opportunity to have their voices heard through the BAC Labor/Management Craft Committees, These labor/management committees, which began as labor only committees, guide the union and IMI on craft/market-specific efforts.  In short, the management voice is now being heard more clearly than ever, and it is producing real and tangible results.


Labor/Management Relations

The primary purpose of ICE and its affiliate entities is to engage in labor relations matters with the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (BAC) and its constituent local unions.  The contractor members and officers of ICE are committed to working in harmony with the BAC to further the collective bargaining process, to enhance work opportunities for members of the union and to increase business opportunities for union contractors.  The union and ICE work together in the management of joint industry promotion, training, research and health, welfare, pension and savings funds.

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