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To that end, ICE is an active member of the Construction Employers of America, a coalition of seven premier national construction specialty contracting associations, working together to raise awareness among policymakers, opinion leaders, and the general public, about the value of high-quality American construction. CEA engages on national, state, and local public policy initiatives to strengthen the domestic construction industry and provide opportunities for top-quality construction workers to earn the skills they need to command high wages.

Government Relations


ICE represents its contractor members on state and federal legislative matters that concern signatory masonry contractors.  ICE aims to encourage, stimulate and provide the opportunity for ICE Affiliates to take a more active role in political and government activities that affect the unionized masonry industry by:

  • Monitoring the legislative environment for laws and regulations that will effect the unionized masonry industry and proactively seeking to influence legislation to the benefit of the industry and ICE membership;

  • Providing support for candidates for office, political party committees and other organizations that support our issues;

  • Educating ICE members on current legislative and political issues and providing them with guidance on actions they can take to help address the issues;

  • Organizing meetings, forums and other political activities to give ICE membership the opportunity to communicate our issues directly to lawmakers.

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