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ICE Advisory Panel 

ICE Affiliates with questions or concerns about the negotiating process or their specific negotiations can contact the ICE office and summarize the question.  If ICE staff cannot answer the question, ICE will match the affiliate with ICE Board members with significant negotiations experience, knowledge and expertise who can answer the question.   


Direct Assistance 

ICE staff is available to travel to an affiliate’s area to assist in local negotiations upon request.  The ICE staff member will also have access to the whole ICE Advisory Panel while providing direct assistance.  Advisory Panel members may also be available to provide direct assistance. 


Web Assistance

ICE affiliates will be able to submit advisory panel questions and requests on the ICE website,  Upon development of the members only section of the ICE website, the annual Collective Bargaining Report will be available for affiliates to download.

Collective Bargaining Assistance Program


Annual Collective Bargaining Report 

ICE produces an annual report that includes: 

  •  A group of clauses that we are recommending employers include in their agreements during negotiations, 

  • Suggested responses, compromises and counterproposals to union clauses, 

  • Data on results of negotiations nationwide, average increases and success of clauses recommended by ICE and the BAC, and 

  • Information about how affiliates can access additional help through the ICE Collective Bargaining Assistance Program.

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